The material, which is uploaded on our website, do not belong to any person or entity, which include the right to distribution. In case it happens then the person is allowed to ask the administration to present any solution for this problem and resolve it.

Some of the techniques for solving the problem include:

  • The application, which is providing the copyright, replace it with the existing application link. With the presence of the advertising, it must be a copy of a complete application or must be a complete application at the same time.
  • A link of the application can be changed by the Google Play or Amazon
    App Store, or with the application’s official website.

If you want to delete the application site references then for this you have to confirm the rights on the platform where the application is hosted. Some of the methods are as follow:

  • Mention the administration site along with the E-mail, which is given on the application’s official website or gives the company name, which holds the applications productions.
  • Use the E-mail of the site and write to the administration, which is defined in the application.
  • The scanned documents are sent to the site administration, which confirms that the application is with copyright.
  • The application’s official website or the company, which holds the
    applications productions for this you should create a txt file and then from the site pass the reference.
  • If you want to contact the site’s Administration then you can use the
    contact form.