What is Snapchat Streak? And Why It is So Important to Maintain

What is Snapchat Streak?

A Snapchat Streak is when two people chat with each other Three Consecutive Days sending each other Snapchats. Snapchat Snapstreaks indicated the volume of chat between two friends When they Give each other their Time.  When you see a Snapchat fire Emoji next to that person’s name it means yours both in a Snapstreak.

What is the meaning of Numbers Next to Snapchat Streak Friends Name?

You might notice that there are numbers written next to your Snapchat Streak friends name or Next to Snapchat Fire emoji, These number indicated the amount of Snapchat streaks between them back and forth. The higher is the number indicated the Higher level of Friendship Score in Snapchat Streaks.

Snapchat streak Number

Why there is an Hourglass Next to Snapchat Streak Friends Name?

When you see the Hourglass next to you Snapstreak friends name this means your Snapchat streaks is about to end. Snapchat fire emoji indicated the Snapchat streak between friends which also indicated the friendship that’s why when someone experiences Hourglass next to their friends’ name they start Snapchat back and forth again to get that fire emoji on their name. And if they don’t get that Fire emoji on their name instead to chatting with each other for three consecutive days they like to go for a Snapchat Support. You might think that these Snapchat streaks are a silly thing to report but for some Users, this means a lot.

How Snapchat Streak Indicated A Better Friendship

As we just mentioned the Snapchat Fire Emoji which is a proof of Longest Snapchat Streak between two users, the higher the Snapchat streaks number appears next to Snapstreak the higher is the friendship level between those users, For them, this indicated the close friendship amongst them. To be a Good friend examples you both need to have a higher number of Snapchat Streaks.

What is Snapchat Streak

Now a new trend is to not only have longest Snapchat streak but to have the huge amount of Snapchat streaks with different users. Having a lot of Snapchat streaks means you talk to a lot of people.

This Snapchat streaks are like crazy stuff, Teenagers tend to keep the longest Snapchat streaks like for a whole year, and to maintain that Snapchat streak they sometimes had to chat all night and day to each other just to maintain the Snapchat streak score, If for some reason unintentionally, of course, their Snapchat streak ends this can cause them a huge disappointment and pain because they both have invested their portion of day and sometimes nights with chating each other to achieve this high rate of Snapchat Streak.

Now Users more concern about Snapchat Streak instead of Snapchat story view of Snapchat Metric score. They take this Snapchat streak as an excuse to chat with friends.